“I don’t like my teacher!”


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Effective Leadership

Take a look at these cartoons on leadership.

  • Answer the following question either here on the interactive Wall of your Class Hive:

How do effective leaders persuade people to follow them?”

  • Comment on your classmates’ posts.


Alternative Education: A blessing or a curse?

Visit the following link which will take you to a Page Discussion and contribute to the discussion by answering the questions you find there:


‘Alternative Education: A blessing or a Curse?’

Dear students, please use this page to exchange opinions, make comments and vote your classmates' ideas on the positive and negative points of alternative education in high schools. What is a 'different' school for you? What could be some beneficial outcomes for the students who attend it? Do you think it can strengthen your training and in which ways? Are there any pitfalls one should be careful about?

Food for Thought about going to School

Look at the picture below. Have you ever felt this way? Do you think some students share such feelings? Why?


Alternative Education

Read  the  following quotes and comment on whether you agree or disagree with them and why: