Interview your Artist

If you were a reporter, lucky enough to have managed to arrange an interview with the mysterious, street artist Banksy, what would you ask him? Keep in mind what you have found out about him and write five,at least, questions you would like to ask him about..

  • his identity
  • his personal life
  • his artwork style
  • what inspires him
  • two major artworks of his

Conventional & Controversial Art

Click on the link above and scroll down to "Case 2: Banksy" of the article "Art or vandalism:the street art debate".

Pay special attention to the issues of

  • profit making from graffiti artwork
  • ownership rights of graffiti artwork
  • preservation of graffiti artwork in its original form or tampering / defacement of it as an interaction
  • protection of street art in the way museum/gallery Art is protected or destruction of it

Considering what you read in the article above and what you have learned so far about Art and graffiti art, choose one of the topics above and write a post reflecting on the different aspects of the issue and expressing your own point of view.

Have a look at your classmates'posts and write a short comment as a response to what they have written.