One class – One family

Dear Girls and boys of St1 class ,

I am writting you this letter to express my gratitude to you...We are a class mostly everyone wont forget( especially Miss Ziaka😂).So many diffirent and important memories to remember...I am truly grateful for being a part in this (snaky) class! I believe that the basic reason we are all so close like a family is that there are both girls and boys! Girls for decreasing stupidity and boys for increasing it!(JUST KIDDING ...GIRLS ARE AS DUMP AS BOYS BUT THEY HAVE INVENT HOW TO NOT SHOW IT 😂).I would never go to a single-sex school , no way . I just think how incredibly annoying girls can be without boys chilling them .... and the opposite. If we were only girls ,we wouldnt have snakes ,suns , bruhs,oofs etc. If there would be only boys they wouldnt pass the class ( because they couldnt copy from me hahaha) and their cleverness would be so low that they wouldnt have the ability to think so intelligent and difficult things! We are a family , unique , ingredibly smart and awsome .... somtimes annoying but still adorable !!! So let me give you an example ... One day we were so bored ...and Miss Dimocracy ( everybody knows who she is 😂😂😂) did not let as to we prayed to the Sun while doing yoga in from of him and singing The St1 Sun Theme song ! I wont write the lyrics for the rights...So after this long text we have a definition . Girls suck without boys and boys suck without girls!But all together we are little sunshines into snakes body,wich the only words we can pronounce are ... SUN, I AM A SNAKE , BRUH AND OOF!I know , in this class maybe some of you dislike but i am sure you have showed me what being to a class/family/friends/snakes.So i own you one word i have never told you before . THANKS. ( most of you are crying know ..yes i know took the drama queen award ) Anyway, love you all ❤❤.   #snakesforever 🐍#sunforever🌞 #st1forever Bruh!

Your talkative classmate ,

Nasia Hatzivretta


Nasia’s favourite quotes

  1. "Nobody exists on purpose , nobody belongs anywhere , everybody's gonna die . Come watch TV?"                                                                                                                                                               - Rick and Morty ( Netflix series)
    This quotes means a lot to me . It shows me that we shouldnt be worried or sad of doing something bad or wrong. We have only one chance to live and experience things ,this is why we dont have to thing aboout what matters , because nothing matters. We shouldn't be afraid of the death because this is life.Life includes death. One day somehow everybody's gonna die , but until this day comes just enjoy what you have.
  2.  "I'am sorry but your opinion means very little to me "                                                                                                      - Rick and Morty ( Netflix series)
    Yeah i know ... it sounds too selfish. But as it selfish it sounds as meaningful it is for me . It reminds me to stay my opinion and always stand up for myself and for people i care about. This quote is probably the answer to the question why i am confident and me ... i mean myself ... not what the society needs and wants.
  3. '' They always wonna hear what they already belive "                                                                                                - Bojack Horseman ( Netflix series) 
     Its true. I even uesd to see it in my self sometimes... When everybody says " Hey what's going on .... tell me the truth i wont get mad .. it's fine" But when we hear the truth and we get hurted and try to hide it, we wish we wouldnt have said that. This is why i tried to stop that . Try to understand that life is unfair and that in my life i will hear hate comments and i actually dont have any problem with this. Because i know  my drawbacks ( and yes sometimes l am getting better to them) and i know who i am and what i want . Believe me i dont want to hear what i believe.
  4. "That voice , the one  that tells you you're worthless and stupid and ugly ... It goes away ,right?"

                                                                                                                                                         - Bojack Horseman ( Netflix series) 
Do you like this voice ? Do you have this voice ? I do . I like it . You may call me a weirdo now but .... "I'am sorry but your opinion means very little to me " (hahaha) . I enjoy to hear this voice because it makes  feel a human being. It makes stronger, it makes me be angry with myself and try to get over the limits. Cause every single time that i think i am good at something this voice arrives... and tells me i am worthless and then i try more and i do get better but she comes again until i have done my best.


 5. 'Being honest may not get you many friends, but it will always get you the right ones"

                                                                                                                                                   - John Lennon , The Beatles 

I do this in my life ...just say whatever comes to my mind. The truth . And yes if you ask i have found the right ones ( friends). It wasnt easy but what matters is that i have found them and i wont loose them.ALSO DONT WORRY IT WAS THE LAST QUOTE, YOU ARE FREE NOW! 

                                                                                                                                  By Nasia Hatzivretta