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Peer review Efraim

My name is Efrem Psarianos, i am a third grade high school student of Plomari and I attend the Orientation Group: Economics and Informatics .When the school year is over, I will have to compete nationwide at a specific subject that I am teaching this year to take a place in Higher Education. So, this year I have to read a lot. At the same time, because the schools I want to enter require success in sports tests, we must also play sports in order to have the necessary physical condition in June. All the above determine my daily life which is the following: a lot of reading, a little sleep and a little but quality free time. The hours I have for reading are too many because I have to go to school for 6 to 7 hours a day, go to 3 or 4 hours tutoring, read for school and read for tutoring. In my normal free time under normal circumstances I tried to spend it for sports and once a week, on Saturday, for about 2-3 hours to meet friends. It pleased me and made me relax to play basketball once a week with my old teammates from the local basketball team. Now, due to the covid-19 virus pandemic, unfortunately, sports activities are not allowed. Another change imposed on us to protect ourselves from the virus is that the school's lifelong operation has been suspended. The lessons are now done remotely using the internet. The consequence of this situation that bothers me is that I lost personal contact with my teachers and classmates. Fortunately, with the use of technology, teachers and students make efforts to make the lesson as understandable and enjoyable as possible without any of us being in a difficult position.

Peer review Charikaiti

I am a student the last grade of school. The virus changed the lives of all of us. For others this change of normal life worked positively while on the contrary it created a problem for others.
On the one hand I was given the opportunity to spend more time with ourselves and our families. We also have more time to read or rest aw time from pointless travel. On the other hand, the same as before. There is no direct contact with the teacher which results in the lesson not being understood by everyone and there is no interest in the lesson.
There are also many physical and psychological problems. We are in front of the computer for many hours and this results in our eyes hurting while at the same time we feel lonely as we do not communicate with our friend and do not go out in nature to improve our mood.
However we students must continue our normal daily lives even if this is impossible. Every day thousands of people around the world die from the virus and for this reason it is impossible to behave as if the lives of all of us have not changed.
I personally believe that this situation will create problem in relationships will other people but it will make us stronger because we will have experienced this difficult experience. As far as school lessons are concerned, I before the virus will continue to strive for the best.
In conclusion we must all be patient until the end of the pandemic period. Only if we are strong will we be able to overcome this period that will be unforgettable for all.

Peer review Panagiota Moutzouri

Good evening, my name is Panagiota Moutzouri and today I will tell you the situation that existed in the first period of covid-19. Firstly, before the first wave of the coronavirus broke out in Greece, everything was fine. I was in the second grade of high school, I went to my school every morning, I saw my friends, then I went to the private lesson of ancient Greek and finally I went to the house where I ate and read. But when the coronavirus arrived everything changed. We stoped go to school, we stopped studying and most of them slept constantly, some were reading, others were constantly using their mobile phones.I did everything I said. All the children had heard about a strange virus that had begun to come to Greece, however, we lived carefree until one morning we learned that a girl from here had the virus. I do not hide from you that I was quite scared, although I did not believe what the journalists were saying in the news immediately without the teachers telling us anything, we left the school so that we could protect ourselves. I look this practice very bad because we could all have been stuck and had losses at the moment. The next day a decision was made to close the school for 15 days to protect us all and to disinfect our school. However, without wasting time, the government found the solution to our problem and decided on distance education, which is known as distance learning. In this form, the third grade students continued to do their homework on a daily base, while we did activities that were sent to us by the teachers by email. It was a very difficult period, especially for the children who taught Panhellenical exams. We did not write exams to go to the next class. In addition, I believe that if it were not for technology, nothing would be the same since through it, teachers, students, and parents were facilitated. However, there were disadvantages as not all students had the necessary supplies for their teaching such as computer, tablet, mobile phone, internet connection. I believe that it was a very difficult period for everyone and I hope that this whole situation will end soon and to take our lives back!!!!