Peer review Taxiarchis

Before it all starts, my day was full of activities and I liked that. I was hanging out with my friends, I spending a lot of time with my homework and my coaching school lessons, I was playing football and of course I was going to school. Although I knew about the virus and we had already passed a quarantine I did not expect it to take on such dimensions so I was not anxious.

And then by the beginning of November we went back to quarantine because of covid and we started again to wash our hands frequently and for first time we started online courses. At first I found it as an opportunity to relax and study for my lessons but after some days it became very boring. For.

I started to read a book, I played video games, I watched some movies and I went every day for running or football with my friends.I spent a lot of time with my homework and I went for walks the dog.

I always try to make my day more creative and to banish negative thoughts and feelings.

Peer review Konstantinos

Living through pandemic Before the pandemic, back in 2019, I used to take for granted my ability to go to school, to get out of my house, and do things on my own. There were countless times when I could have spent more time with friends and family, but instead, I chose to hide away in my room. Sometimes I wish I had gone out more, that I had enjoyed my free time better rather than just looking at a phone screen.At the beginning of quarantine,I was miserable,bored out of my mind, and sad.I still made the time to deal with the load of work that was thrown my way while also finding the time to enjoy myself by doing what I want.I started working out,listening to music, and watching new movies.I have learned to dedicate the beginning of each day to being productive, getting work done and reading books about self development.Honestly i am happy that I’ve gotten more time to spend with my family. I’m connecting with them more than I had ever before since it was rare for all of us to spend time together.I’ve also learned some things about myself.There are some things I’m not proud of, but I’m happy I got to know what they were. Now, I can improve myself and my character to be a better person.It’s worth noting that wherever you go on social media, or out on a run, you see these people who completely ignore the rules of doctors and the government who are trying to keep us safe.Staying home it is maybe the simplest task that any one person could carry out. But it seems so impossible to people. Stay home with the people who love you. Be with the people who matter.Enjoy the little things. An afternoon walk with your dog, or a running workout.Those are what matters most.Although we do have online school now, it is not the same. Working from home is worse as I don’t care to admit, my work habits from home are not the best. I am easily able to procrastinate at home and having class in bed is not the best idea.Anyway,we don’t know what the future has to bring, but hopefully, it will be better than what has already happened. I think it’s important to understand that despite having a fortune, money could never buy time so don’t waste it.

Peer review Vionis

Before the covid-19 pandemic started, I was going to school and i was seeing my friends and we had a good time. In addition, on the weekends I was going with my friends and  we were playing basketball and football. First of all, i learned about the pandemic from the news after they were discuss about the covid-19 every day and how dangerous it isMoreovermy life started to change after the first week of quarantine because I could not go where I wanted and I was sitting inside the house all dayFurthermore, in the pandemic my psychology was fine because I going for a walk and i relaxedLast but not leastwas in quarantine reading some homeworks outside of school and playing electronic games for many hours since I had no school.

Peer review Rafaela

Covid-19 has completely changed my life. 2020 has been a difficult year for all of us. People are constantly dying because of respiratory problems which is a symptom of corona virus or they suicide due to economic crisis. The whole world has been in quarantine about a year and people’s psychology is in bad state. Personally as a witness of corona virus era I admit that this pandemic is awful. I hope we will get over it soon and 2021 will be a better year for everyone. The prohibition of going out, the closure of businesses and the sense of responsibility are keeping people away from each other. We cannot hug or at least approach our grandparents and our friends and isolation now is considered an act of love. Moreover, online school is making students’ lives more difficult. The most of us are not even able to participate to online lessons due to the lack of technological materials. Therefore, we won’t be able to succeed in our exams and make our dreams come true. Also, the inability of going out without any kind of permission is making us nervous and worried about our future. I hope 2021 will be a better year and people will be safe and free to go out and have fun.

Peer review Myrto

Undoubtedly, the COVID-19 pandemic caused a lot of changes to our life. Me, Myrto, as a 17-year-old girl, I spend the most hours of my days studying. I wake up at 7 am and I take my breakfast, before my school lessons start. Then, I start studying until 2 pm, when I take a break, in order to have lunch with my family. In the afternoon, I usually attend my out of school lessons to be more prepared for my final exams. I spend my nights by playing board games with my sisters and watching TV. You could tell that I don’t enjoy a lot of time outside of my home, except 1-2 times per week, when I go for a walk.

Prior to the school closing, the pandemic was discussed in classes. Most of the teachers tried to give us tips for our safety and to keep us calm. I felt protected after the school’s decision making, because in that way we could follow better the government’s instructions for social-distancing. Concerning school final exams, our teachers are searching for the best way possible for us to be examined, even if this situation is unprecedented for all of us.

During the spring break, I spent more time walking and enjoying the nature with my friends. I can’t do the same now, because of my school liabilities and the weather conditions. It was very challenging and stressful for me to adjust to this new routine and my coursework, but with my family’s support and patience I went through it. My family and local community were very troubled too with this new global threat, but now they appear to be more complacent.

We should be very grateful for our access to technology. Thanks to technology, I am able to communicate with my teachers and classmates, so the pandemic can’t have negative effects to my school performance. Additionally, I can stay in touch with my friends and keep my social life active.

Peer review Savvas

First of all before the pandemic hit I was reading for school, so I can have a good attribution.The way I learned about the pandemic was from social media. My daily life have began to change while the pandemic because it was a different experience for me I had never saw such a thing like that before for a flu like that but it changed to be very important about your health. Also the way I reacted was like it’s a flu so I don’t have to panic and it will passpass. My routine during the pandemic I was at home mostly and work out at home. My friends and my family reacted the same way as I ,maybe more loosely than me. The differences I saw to my self were not a lot like a very big chance to my body ,I lost  a lot of fat. My thoughts about the society is that it was easy for us to pass away from that pandemic but the question was what if another bigger pandemic would came to our country than I nervous about that.

Peer review Christos

Before the pandemic hit my country I was living a typical teenager’s life like most people my age, going to school, studying, hanging out with my friends and more. I knew about the virus long before it hit Greece, but I did not make a big deal out of it. Then, the goverment put my country in lockdown and suddenly I was living in a new world. Things like going out with friends or eating in restraunts were no longer allowed. At first it was not that bad, as I got some much needed rest from school. But after the first 5 days, I was extremely bored, and given the fact that going outside had a lot of restrictions, I did not know what to do to pass the time. During the lockdown I usually studied for around an hour every day, and I also played videogames. I did some physical excersise, but I did not enjoy it bevause I was alone. Normaly I would go to the Basketball court with my friends, but obviously it was closed. My family was quite worried at first, but eventually we all got used to it. Right now, I am defenitely more cautious compared to the time before the virus hit us, I think that is the case for a lot of people. Unfortunately, it will be a while before things get back to normal again, as there are hundreds of new COVID cases everyday on my country, and we are still far from a vaccine. It is sad that so many people have lost their jobs and their loved ones, but the best thing to do right now is to do what the goverment tells us and get used to this situation. Because the reality is, that this virus isn’t going away anytime soon.

Peer review Dimitra

My experience with the Covid-19 pandemic is multifaceted.At first, I thought it would last for a few weeks and be a chance to relax but as time went on I realized it would not end easily.Even if there is unlimited time to prepare properly for the exams, I look forward to getting back to normality. But despite the negative emotions that have been created because of the pandemic, I believe that all of us have learned a lesson: not to take anything for granted and to appreciate everything in our lives.In conclusion, I would like to wish all people health and patience.

Peer review Stratos

Almost a year ago my life was peaceful and careless, just like any other
teenager. Every morning I would go to school, meet my teachers and
classmates and do my private lessons after school. In my free time, my
friends and I would go for rides with our motorbikes and generally have
I recall watching the news on TV about a deadly virus which had
caused the death of many people in China, but it never occurred to me
that it would affect Europe and especially Greece. Then, one day, a
young woman in my town became sick from the CoronaVirus. She had
just returned from a trip to the Holy Land with a group of people who
brought this virus to our country.
From that moment everything changed! Our schools closed and within
a few hours the whole country locked down as this virus transmitted
uncontrollably. At this point, my daily routine changed radically. I couldn’t
go to school anymore and therefore lessons were given online. In
addition, I couldn’t leave my home nor see my friend, not even visit my
grandparents because I was afraid of transmitting this deadly virus. My
only means of communication was from my computer.
It seemed like time had stopped. I was under a lot of pressure, anxious
and stressed for my parents and grandparents. Nevertheless, I always
hoped for the best and tried to take advantage of my free time to study
more, spend more time and come closer to my parents.
Everyone was “trapped” within their homes. People didn’t even go to
work which caused many economical and psychological problems. They
became isolated and afraid of coming close to others.
All the shops closed; travelling was prohibited in order to avoid the virus
from being transmitted from one country to another. Parties and national
events were forbidden and everything came to a halt.
I believe that the CoronaVirus came to change the whole world and our
society. It made us think about our future. It came to teach us that
money has no value when it comes to health. It’s here to show us that
we need to love one another and to stop the lies and hypocrisy. We
need to stop injustice, war and conflict. We should see our future
differently without hating others or chasing wealth. We ought to love
nature and protect it, value friendship and family. We need to become
better people!

Peer review Apostolis

Before the pandemic started, I was in my second year of high school, going to school every day. Every week I attended the tutoring courses of my direction, which I would give for the exams. In addition, three times a week I trained in basketball with the team of Plomari, playing basketball games every Saturday in Mytilene. We also gather with my friends in the cafeteria every Saturday night.I learned about the pandemic in early December 2019, from the news on the internet. More specifically, I read that a deadly virus broke out in Yuhan, a city in central China.However, I had not realized the seriousness of the situation, and I thought it was too far away from us in Greece.The pandemic began to affect my daily life when we were quarantined in March. This quarantine was imposed for two weeks initially, with a traffic ban with the closure of shops, schools, services and other activities. However, the quarantine eventually lasted two months, until May.It was something new for me and it affected me to a great extent emotionally and physically. The feelings that were created for me were loneliness, sadness and fear. I felt lonely because I was locked in the house and did not see my friends. In addition, I felt sad for the difficult situation we were living in, but also afraid because no one knew what would happen in the future.But the pandemic also affected me physically, because I stopped training, and that’s why I got fat. In addition, due to the stress I had, for the difficult situation I got rashes.My daily life in quarantine changed and was not ordinary. More specifically, every morning after I woke up, I ate breakfast, and then I was busy with the lessons of the tutorial, but also with the homework. However, for relaxation I played table games with my family, and watched TV. But beyond that I went for a ride on my bike every afternoon.The action of my community against the pandemic was active. He made sure that the protection measures were observed so that the virus did not spread, and he did not stop reminding the residents of the seriousness of the situation.My family initially panicked about the virus. My parents started working from home, but they also found time to do things they could not afford due to their intense daily life.Through conversations I had with my friends, the pandemic affected them to the same extent as I did.The coronavirus pandemic matured me as a human being. Through it I realized the value of freedom and health. Before the pandemic I considered health and freedom a given, but from this pandemic I realized that I was wrong. In addition, I have realized some changes in my thinking on various issues. Health and freedom are important for human existence.One of my thoughts is that society in the future, through the difficulty of the pandemic, will become better prepared to deal with such difficulties effectively. So, the feelings that will arise in me are security, confidence and optimism for the future, since society is paying its debt.