Peer review Taxiarchis

Before it all starts, my day was full of activities and I liked that. I was hanging out with my friends, I spending a lot of time with my homework and my coaching school lessons, I was playing football and of course I was going to school. Although I knew about the virus and we had already passed a quarantine I did not expect it to take on such dimensions so I was not anxious.

And then by the beginning of November we went back to quarantine because of covid and we started again to wash our hands frequently and for first time we started online courses. At first I found it as an opportunity to relax and study for my lessons but after some days it became very boring. For.

I started to read a book, I played video games, I watched some movies and I went every day for running or football with my friends.I spent a lot of time with my homework and I went for walks the dog.

I always try to make my day more creative and to banish negative thoughts and feelings.

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