Peer review Konstantinos

Living through pandemic Before the pandemic, back in 2019, I used to take for granted my ability to go to school, to get out of my house, and do things on my own. There were countless times when I could have spent more time with friends and family, but instead, I chose to hide away in my room. Sometimes I wish I had gone out more, that I had enjoyed my free time better rather than just looking at a phone screen.At the beginning of quarantine,I was miserable,bored out of my mind, and sad.I still made the time to deal with the load of work that was thrown my way while also finding the time to enjoy myself by doing what I want.I started working out,listening to music, and watching new movies.I have learned to dedicate the beginning of each day to being productive, getting work done and reading books about self development.Honestly i am happy that I’ve gotten more time to spend with my family. I’m connecting with them more than I had ever before since it was rare for all of us to spend time together.I’ve also learned some things about myself.There are some things I’m not proud of, but I’m happy I got to know what they were. Now, I can improve myself and my character to be a better person.It’s worth noting that wherever you go on social media, or out on a run, you see these people who completely ignore the rules of doctors and the government who are trying to keep us safe.Staying home it is maybe the simplest task that any one person could carry out. But it seems so impossible to people. Stay home with the people who love you. Be with the people who matter.Enjoy the little things. An afternoon walk with your dog, or a running workout.Those are what matters most.Although we do have online school now, it is not the same. Working from home is worse as I don’t care to admit, my work habits from home are not the best. I am easily able to procrastinate at home and having class in bed is not the best idea.Anyway,we don’t know what the future has to bring, but hopefully, it will be better than what has already happened. I think it’s important to understand that despite having a fortune, money could never buy time so don’t waste it.

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