Peer review Stratos

Almost a year ago my life was peaceful and careless, just like any other
teenager. Every morning I would go to school, meet my teachers and
classmates and do my private lessons after school. In my free time, my
friends and I would go for rides with our motorbikes and generally have
I recall watching the news on TV about a deadly virus which had
caused the death of many people in China, but it never occurred to me
that it would affect Europe and especially Greece. Then, one day, a
young woman in my town became sick from the CoronaVirus. She had
just returned from a trip to the Holy Land with a group of people who
brought this virus to our country.
From that moment everything changed! Our schools closed and within
a few hours the whole country locked down as this virus transmitted
uncontrollably. At this point, my daily routine changed radically. I couldn’t
go to school anymore and therefore lessons were given online. In
addition, I couldn’t leave my home nor see my friend, not even visit my
grandparents because I was afraid of transmitting this deadly virus. My
only means of communication was from my computer.
It seemed like time had stopped. I was under a lot of pressure, anxious
and stressed for my parents and grandparents. Nevertheless, I always
hoped for the best and tried to take advantage of my free time to study
more, spend more time and come closer to my parents.
Everyone was “trapped” within their homes. People didn’t even go to
work which caused many economical and psychological problems. They
became isolated and afraid of coming close to others.
All the shops closed; travelling was prohibited in order to avoid the virus
from being transmitted from one country to another. Parties and national
events were forbidden and everything came to a halt.
I believe that the CoronaVirus came to change the whole world and our
society. It made us think about our future. It came to teach us that
money has no value when it comes to health. It’s here to show us that
we need to love one another and to stop the lies and hypocrisy. We
need to stop injustice, war and conflict. We should see our future
differently without hating others or chasing wealth. We ought to love
nature and protect it, value friendship and family. We need to become
better people!

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