Peer review Apostolis

Before the pandemic started, I was in my second year of high school, going to school every day. Every week I attended the tutoring courses of my direction, which I would give for the exams. In addition, three times a week I trained in basketball with the team of Plomari, playing basketball games every Saturday in Mytilene. We also gather with my friends in the cafeteria every Saturday night.I learned about the pandemic in early December 2019, from the news on the internet. More specifically, I read that a deadly virus broke out in Yuhan, a city in central China.However, I had not realized the seriousness of the situation, and I thought it was too far away from us in Greece.The pandemic began to affect my daily life when we were quarantined in March. This quarantine was imposed for two weeks initially, with a traffic ban with the closure of shops, schools, services and other activities. However, the quarantine eventually lasted two months, until May.It was something new for me and it affected me to a great extent emotionally and physically. The feelings that were created for me were loneliness, sadness and fear. I felt lonely because I was locked in the house and did not see my friends. In addition, I felt sad for the difficult situation we were living in, but also afraid because no one knew what would happen in the future.But the pandemic also affected me physically, because I stopped training, and that’s why I got fat. In addition, due to the stress I had, for the difficult situation I got rashes.My daily life in quarantine changed and was not ordinary. More specifically, every morning after I woke up, I ate breakfast, and then I was busy with the lessons of the tutorial, but also with the homework. However, for relaxation I played table games with my family, and watched TV. But beyond that I went for a ride on my bike every afternoon.The action of my community against the pandemic was active. He made sure that the protection measures were observed so that the virus did not spread, and he did not stop reminding the residents of the seriousness of the situation.My family initially panicked about the virus. My parents started working from home, but they also found time to do things they could not afford due to their intense daily life.Through conversations I had with my friends, the pandemic affected them to the same extent as I did.The coronavirus pandemic matured me as a human being. Through it I realized the value of freedom and health. Before the pandemic I considered health and freedom a given, but from this pandemic I realized that I was wrong. In addition, I have realized some changes in my thinking on various issues. Health and freedom are important for human existence.One of my thoughts is that society in the future, through the difficulty of the pandemic, will become better prepared to deal with such difficulties effectively. So, the feelings that will arise in me are security, confidence and optimism for the future, since society is paying its debt.

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