Peer review Savvas

First of all before the pandemic hit I was reading for school, so I can have a good attribution.The way I learned about the pandemic was from social media. My daily life have began to change while the pandemic because it was a different experience for me I had never saw such a thing like that before for a flu like that but it changed to be very important about your health. Also the way I reacted was like it’s a flu so I don’t have to panic and it will passpass. My routine during the pandemic I was at home mostly and work out at home. My friends and my family reacted the same way as I ,maybe more loosely than me. The differences I saw to my self were not a lot like a very big chance to my body ,I lost  a lot of fat. My thoughts about the society is that it was easy for us to pass away from that pandemic but the question was what if another bigger pandemic would came to our country than I nervous about that.

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