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σήμερα είναι η χειρότερη μέρα της ζωής μου. Πήραμε βαθμούς...Φυσική, Χημεία και Βιολογία πήρα 8 ! Τι θα πω στους γονείς μου; Τι θα κάνω στις εξετάσεις του Σεπτέμβρη; Είμαι απογοητευμένη από τον εαυτό μου... To μόνο τραγούδι που με εκφράζει είναι αυτό που μόλις ανέβασα...


What do you want to be?

A funny video with embedded questions made with H5P, where children express themselves on what they dream to do when they grow up. Can be used when dealing with professions or wishes-level A2

Record an ad

Ask your 6th class students to record themselves while reading out loud the words of the ad above , or any other ad and make an audio advertisement! They record, save and send the file to you via email or as an instant message on e-me!

Wallace and Gromit- A close shave

A video with good old time awarded friends, Wallace and Gromit. Can be used as a video exercise at an A2 level. It aspires to check vocabulary on feelings , video and audio eye for detail, summary skills and text comprehension.  Have fun!

Magic birds Κατανοηση Γραπτού Λόγου ΚΠγ Α1-Α2

Enter the world of the famous Magic Birds and meet the characters of the first Greek animation tv-series!

Develop your creative and critical thinking and find all the correct answers! Solve puzzle and exercises, paint and draw with your imagination as a starting point!


A1-A2 listening KPG Ενοτητα 3