Week 4 – Meeting the newcomers: forests and house windows (!) around the world

Friday 9 October 2020

Hi, everyone!


This week we finished our tour around the countries of the newcomers at the International school. We visited UkraineAlbania and Georgia and we learned a little bit about their geography. However, our planet is full of beautiful places! Do you want to travel from your computer/laptop/cell phone screen?

In this amazing site you can listen to sounds of forests from around the world!

I think you are going to love it!

There aren't any forest sounds from Ukraine or Albania, but you can listen to the sounds of TWO forests in Georgia and a forest in Samothrace, in the North of Greece.


Forest sounds from around the world


In the second site you can just open a house window anywhere in the world!

Can you believe it?!

Just click on "Open a new window somewhere in the world" and see what people in ThailandGermany or the USA can see from their window!

Impressive, isnt it?


Open a window somewhere in the world




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