Unit 3, places: writing

A. listen to the text from your book and read it:

The Location: "This town is situated in the north-west of Greece. It is a busy town where -120,000 people live. The town is built next to a lake called Pamvotida. In the middle of the lake there is a small island. It is the only island in a lake in Greece where people live.

The Surroundings: Around the town and its lake there are high mountains. That is why it is quite cold and wet during winter. Τhere is snow on the mountains for over four months of the year.

The Town Old and New: The town is over 15 centuries old and it has a beautiful old castle overlooking the lake. The view from its top is fantastic. There are many old houses inside the castle and life there is peaceful and quiet. There are also modern neighbourhoods, with blocks of flats, shops, cars and busy streets."

Β. Ποια παράγραφος μιλάει για:

C. Take your time to read carefully and answer the following questions, writing a text about a place you like! Δώστε πλήρης απαντήσεις στις παρακάτω ερωτήσεις για να σχηματίσετε ένα κείμενο όπως στο βιβλίο σας

My favourite place!


Paragraph One: "the location"

  • Where's this place? (situated)
  • What's its name?
  • Describe it!

Paragraph Two: "the surroundings"

  • Describe the area around this place!
  • What is there to see and do?
  • Is there an interesting history of the place?

Paragraph Three: "how you feel about the place"

  • How are people there? ((un)friendly, (un)kind, nice etc.)
  • Do you like this place and why?
  • How do you feel about this place?
  • Would you tell someone you know to visit this place and why?



D. Τέλος, αφού διαβάσετε προσεκτικά τις παραπάνω ερωτήσεις και κατανοήσετε τι θα περιγράψετε, ανοίξτε το παρακάτω φύλλο εργασίας (google form) και απαντήστε τις ερωτήσεις με βάση τις οδηγίες που σας δίνονται! Εναλλακτικά μπορείτε να το κάνετε στο τετράδιο σας!
My favourite place!

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