E-mail to my friend Susan by Marilena Batzonia


Day of Europe

Σε αυτό το άρθρο υπάρχουν οι εκθέσεις των μαθητών της Στ τάξης για Ευρωπαϊκές χώρες και αξιοθέατα.

Λυδία Καραφυλλίδη Στ4

Lydia !

Poland is a country in Central Europe.

It borders south with Russia and Lithuania , eastern with Belarus and with Ukraine , southern with Slovakia and with Czech and western with Germany

Its population about 38,4 million.

It has a lot of forests, mountains, rivers, lakes.

Its capital city is Varsow.

Other important cities are Krakow, Lots, etc.

One of the most popular landmarks in Krakow is Town Hall Tower.

It is a Tower which have 100 steps to the top!!!

Lots of tourists visit the Wawel Royal Castle and Central Grand Square.

I have visit this country and it is wonderful!!!

What I like the most about this country is the Town Hall Tower!!!

Φίλιππος Παπαχρήστου Στ1


Spain is in the southwest Europe and it borders Andorra, France, Gibraltar, Portugal and Morocco it also shares maritime borders with Algeria and Italy. Its population is 46.4 million people (in 2016).Its capital is Madrid which is located in central Spain and its population is about 6.5 million people. Other important and large cities are Bilbao, Barcelona, Valencia and Seville.

Spain has lots of famous landmarks. One of them is La Sagrada Familia and it’s located in Barcelona. It is a Roman Catholic minor. Its construction started in 1883 by Antoni Gaudi but it isn’t finished yet! Even though it’s not finished its magestic appearance attracts lots of tourists.

I’d like to visit Spain because it is great in many ways. From the food, the people the culture all the way to the lovely mountains, forest and lakes. What I like the most about this country is that is unique and special in all the ways!

Στέργιος Μητράκης Στ4

 My νame is STERGIOS


Italy is a country in southern Europe.

It borders with France, Austria and Switzerland and with Slovenia.

Its population is 60, 39 million.

It has a lot of mountains and islands.

Its capital city is Rome.

Other important cities are Milan, Napoli, Torino and Venice.


One of the most popular landmarks in Italy is the tower of Pizza.

It is very all over the world because it leans.

Lots of tourists all over the world visit this landmark because this tower is very old and it leans.


I would like to visit the tower of Pizza because it leans.

What I like the most about this country is landmarks.

Νίκος Καρύδης Στ4

Your name: …Nikolas Karidis German is a country in southern Europe. It borders France, Poland, Austria and Switzerland. Its population is 80.000.000 people. It has a lot of forests and mountains. Its capital city is Berlin. Other important cities are Bayern and Heidelberg. One of the most popular landmarks in Germany is Brandenburg Gate. It is a very beautiful sight and it was built to separate the city in two pieces. Lots of tourists are visiting it and I would like to visit it too. I would like to visit Germany because I think that is a very beautiful country although the German Government back in 1939 had started the WW2. What I like the most about this country is the delicious ice cream that they sell and her history.

Χριστίνα Μπόγλου Στ2

Nederland is a country in Western Europe . Nederland had around 17.000.000 people in 2013 . Also Nederland borders with Belgium and Germany,  however the country also shares maritime borders with France and the U.K. . The country has a lot of valleys and that's why it is world known for production of tulips,  milk and cheese . The capital city is Amsterdam although there are a few more big and known cities such as Roderdam , the Hague and much more .
One of the most popular landmarks in Nederland is the Efteling . Efteling is a theme park with exciting attractions and fairytales. It is twice as large as the original Disneyland in California.
A lot of tourists also visit the Van Gog museum in Amsterdam,  the Van Gog museum has the most Van gog paintings in the world . As a tourist you can also visit Koukenchof one of the most beautiful garden in the world ( opens March 21 - May 10 for 2020 ) . Another fun thing to do is to visit Mantourontam , Mantourontam is a miniature city of Amsterdam .
I would like to visit Holland because I personally think that it is one of the most amazing countries in the world and there so many funny things to do . The thing that I like most for the country is its nature whith all this beautiful tulip and rivers
Παναγιώτα Κατσιάνη Στ1

Ireland is an island, which is located in Northwestern Europe. It borders with Scotland, England and Wales. Its population is estimated at 4,937,786 people. Ireland is mostly a mountainous region but it also a plain region. In the centre, there are flat rolling plains, bogs, loughs and rivers, whereas it is surrounded by hills and low mountains. Its capital city is Dublin. Other important cities are Limerick, Cork, Galway and Drogheda.

One of the most popular landmarks in Ireland is the Rock of Cashel. It is located in Tipperary. It is a Cathedral made of rock, which, as the legend has it, originated when St. Patrick banished Satan from a cave, leading to the landing of the Rock in Cashel. Lots of tourists visit it every year from all the regions in the world. It has a beautiful view and it is an amazing place for pictures.

If I went to Ireland, I would like to visit Titanic Belfast. It is a visitor attraction, which tells the story of the titanic. In my opinion, it is an interesting monument. What I like most about this country is its landscape. It is so peaceful, irregular and beautiful.

Λευτέρης Διακάκης Στ2

…Lefteris Diakakis

Slovakia……. is a country in centre Europe.
It borders …are Czech , Austria Poland and Ukraine
Its population is 5.457.873
It has a lot of rivers such as Va ,Hron ,Hornand and Ondava.
Its capital city is Bratislava
Other important cities ar Kositse and Presov

One of the most popular landmarks in …Slovakia…. is Bratislava Castle.
It is a symbol of the country with a stunning view
Lots of tourist visit it

I would like to visit Slovakia because is very interesting country .
What I like the most about this country is the beauty of her nature

Γιάννης Γλήνιας Στ4


Ελισάβετ Χαρτοματζίδου Στ4

Germany is a country in central and western Europe. It borders Denmark to the north , Poland and Czech Republic to the east , Austria and Switzerland to the south and France , Luxemburg , Belgium and The Netherlands to the west. Its poulation is 83,149,300 . Its capital city is Berlin.

The most famous landmark in Germany is the Berlin Wall . It is
"Wall of shame" for the Germans of the west and officially called by the East German government as an "anti-fascist protection wall" .
I would like to visit Germany because it is very beautiful country.What I like the most in this country is the landmarks.

Ελένη Αγωγιάτου Στ1

Italy is a country in southern Europe. Italy borders with France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia. Its population is 50 million. It has a lot of mountains, lakes and rivers. Its capital city is Rome. Other important cities are Torino and Venice.

One of the most popular landmarks in Italy is Colosseum. It’s an old theatre in Rome that was built in the age of Julius Caesar. A lot of tourists visit it to see the difference between then and now.

I would like to visit Italy because I want to see Venice and Florence and eat Italian pasta. What I like the most about this country is its history and its art.

Ουρανία Κυφωνίδη Στ4

Italy is a country in eastern Europe. It borders with French and Switzerland in west and Austria and Slovenia in east. Also, Adriatic and Ionian Sea devide Italy with Greece, Albania, Yugoslavia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Croatia. Its population is about 60 millions. Italy has got lots of forests and rivers but it’s got a few lakes and islands. Italy’s capital city is Rome and other important cities are Milan, Genoa, Bologna, Florence, Verona, Siena, Naples and Palermo.

One of the most popular landmarks in Italy is Pantheon. It is an ancient Roman temple where are statues of all the Olympic Gods and Goddesses. Lots of tourists go there to admit the amazing architecture and listen about Roman and Greek myths.

I have already visited Italy, especially a city in the northern part of the country, Torino. I also want to visit Rome because is full of sights and is a modern city too. What I like more in this country are the sights and pizzas.


”IN A CAMP WITH A FRIEND” by Peter Fyllaridis

Hello Christos!On June 15,i will go to an amazing camp called eurocamp and it is lokated in Thassos.

I would like to invite you to come with me.In the camp we can play volleyball,basketball, football,tennis.Also we can do climbing,zipline archery,horseback riding,cycling.It has a swimmingpool and we swim there every day or go for a swim in the sea.Here are the things to look for when selecting yours:pillow,bed sheets ,sleeping bag,shampoo,toothpaste,toothbrush,some clothes,pajamas,jacket,sport shoes,sambo,hat,swimsuit.pagourino and a wallet with some money.

I hope you accept my invitation,

Bye for now!


Lefteris Diakakis Camp

Hello Damian

i am writting to you to remind you of the summer camp we will go together.We will have a fantastic time because it is an amazing place by the sea.It has many games and activitiesthat we will part in.You only brought your  swimswit and a sleeping bag.

Look forward to see yiu soon.Bye for now.


Kids go camping – An e-mail to my friend by Nikolas Karidis

Hey Ryan,
I heard that you will come with me in the camp. If that is true then I m going to tell you everything you need to know in this letter. First in my camp you can do except of football, basketball and volleyball you can do extreme activities like climbing you can do water activities like scuba diving. To come it s necessary to have a suitcase, toothbrush and toothpaste and of course clothes .I forgot to tell you that you can bring your phone with you but it s not necessary.
Bye for now, Nikolas

Kids go camping – An e-mail to my friend

Στο άρθρο αυτό βλέπουμε e-mail που έγραψαν οι μαθητές της Στ τάξης προς τους φίλους τους με θέμα την παιδική κατασκήνωση.

Από τη Λυδία Καραφυλλίδη του Στ4

Dear Susan,

Hello! I’m Lydia and this summer will spend it with you at camp! At my camp you can do lots of sports like football, basketball and volleyball . You can also have race with another teams and if you win you can go swimming at the pool 4 times in the day instead of 1! There are many small houses which can do lots of activities like drawing and there are lots of big houses for dansing, sing or to play a piano or to play a guitar! But my favourite big house is the library! In the evenings the whole camp gathers and we say the prayer as on the weekends before the prayer we play various games! This is my camp! I hope you like it!
Bye for now Lydia!

Στέργιος Μητράκης Στ4

Hey, Ryan.

This year when we're going camping together, I'd like to tell you what we can do at camp together. We can do climbing, horse riding, shooting, badminton swimming and more.

I'd like to tell you what to take with you.You will need sheets,pillowcase,clothes,slippers,swimsuit,towel,toothbrush and toothpaste.

We're going to have a great time.

With love, Stergios.

Μελίνα Δαστερίδη Στ2

  • i, Susan,

    Greetings from Thaso, in Greece. The things you need to take with you are: sleeping bags , pillows , bet sheets , pajamas , some clothes , waterproof , swimsuit , sunscreen , hairbrush , toothbrush , toothpaste , shampoo.... Also the most important thing, don't forget your booklet!

    YOU CANT BRING: electronic games , sharp objects and mobile phones. There are newly built houses , houseplants with tiled roofs and individual lockers. The food in this camp is realy delicious. Also there is a party with music and lot of dance every night. there are lots of sports you can do for example: football , tennis , swimming , horse riding....

    That's all for now ! I hope you come here next year. Good Bye for now !

    Love, Your friend Melina

    Χρήστος Τσίπτσιος Στ2

    Hello Ryan

    Some things that you need to have with you at the camp is plastic bag with a sleeping bag and a pillow.Suitcase with your personal properties,nesser with toothbrush and others,marine bag with swimsuit,towel and others and you can have if you want balls or books.

    Love yours!


    Φίλιππος Παπαχρήστου Στ1

    Hello Ryan,

    This summer we will go to Pitsas camp.A camp in Thasos.There are countless things to do.We can play football,handball,basketball and other in big fields and courts.If we want we can learn martial arts like Ninjutsu or Kyokushin.We can even play mini golf.Also we can participate in a theatrical play or dance.There are water activities too!One of them is kayak.Also we can play beach volley,beach tennis and many more.I think that with so many things to do we won’t get bored.

    I’m sure you are excited but we need to be prepared.We need only two things,money,if we wish to buy something,and lots of clothes.We will get dirty all the time.

    I believe that you are as excited as I am.I can’t wait!

    Bey for now,

    Your friend Philip.

    P.S.I sent you some photos to see how amazing our time there will be.

    Παναγιώτα Κατσιάνη Στ1

    Dear Susan,

    How are you? I hope you and your family are doing well. I am really exciting about this summer. The reason I’m writing this email is to give you some advice about the camping.

    There aren’t many things that you should be provided with, so let’s start from the basics.

    In Greece, comparing to England, the temperature goes high enough in summer. So you should carry with you lightful and thin clothes, mostly T-shirts, shorts and hats. Of course you should take some swimsuits with you, too. You should also carry  a couple jumpers because the temperature sometimes goes down at night. Moreover you will need a pair of trainers for the sports and a pair of flip-flops for the beach.Don’t forget to take with you towels for the beach and the shower.

    I think that that’s all about the clothes that you should carry with you. Now, let’s talk about the things that you’ll need during the day. You will definitely need a cosmetic bag, which will be consisted of necessary things, like toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, shampoo etc. In addition, a fask will be very needful since you don’t have to buy every day plastic bottles. Furthermore, if you have a phone, you should better take it with you so you can contact with your parents and take picture to memorize moments. Additionally, you should get sunscreen as you may get a sunburn .

    Concerning the cabin that we will be staying, you’ll need some stuffs too. You must have a pillow,  a couple bed sheets, and a blanket with you. Plus, you will need an extra pair of flip-flops for the cabin.

    As far as I’m concerned, that’s all that you’ll probably need.  Of course, if you think that you’ll need something else, you should take it with you. I can’t wait until summer comes. Isn’t it so fascinating that we are going to spend two whole weeks together? If you are curious of something else  about the camping, just send me a letter. See you the summer!



    Your friend Panagiota


    PS.You may need some money.

    Από το Χρήστο Ανδρονίκου Στ4

    Hello Ryan,

    how are you doing there? I 'm forfet to bring sports shoes for football, swimvear ,sunnscreen towels and sheets. There are many activities in the camb: swimming,pool,cycling, tennis,basketball,diving and mych more. I' will be happy to wait for you, my good friend.


    Γιάννης Γλήνιας Στ4


    This summer I would like to go camping together.We will go to the Makris camping.We can play football, basketball,volleyball and we can swim in the sea. We can visit the archeological place of Mesimvria.You will need clothes,shoes,swimsuits, slippers for the beach, towel, sunscreen, toothbrush,toothpaste,a bag and the others.

    We will have a great time

    Bye for now John!

    Χριστίνα Χατζηαθανασίου Στ1

    Hi Tasha
    As you already know this year we are going together to a worldwide camp in Greece so I d like to inform about some things that I read about the camp.
    To begin with I d like to inform you about the activities that it offers.The camp offers horse riding ,hiking , rock climbing , archery ,painting and a variety of sports ( e.g. football, volleyball e.t.c.) .
    Also I d like to inform you about the luxuries that the camp offers such as a swimming pool and a fully equipped gym
    Last but not least I d like to inform about what things you can / can t take with you . I ll begin with the things that you must have with you , you must have a swimming suit , you must know / or at least have a postip with your parents number in case of emergency,  a paper with your food needs (  e.g vegetarian, vegan lactose intolerant etc ) . Now I ll tell you the things that you can't have with you such as a mobile phone and food that the camp doesn't offer you
    Κωστής Ρουμελιώτης Στ1

    Ηi Ryan!

    I’m very happy we’re go camping together. We are going to go in the Alexandra camp. There, there are many houses where we can stay. Some houses are made from stone and some other are from wood!

    For the camping you must take the necessary. Many  clothes, hat, sun cream, pillow and bed sheet. Also, you can bring your phone if you want.

    In the camping there are many different games where we can play like football, paintball, swimming, cycling   and horse riding. I prefer paintball because I think is awesome, but I think the horse riding is interesting. I’ve never ridden a horse. What about you? Have you ever ridden a horse?

    In the camping there are restaurant with wonderful foods. We eat breakfast, lunch and dinner. In the afternoons we eat a fruit, but if you want to eat and one another time, you can buy something from the mini market with your money. You can take your money in the camp’s bank .You take them from your envelope with money.

    I thing we are going to have fantastic times together!!!

    See you soon.


    Μαριάννα Αθανασιάδη Στ2

    Dear, Katerina

    Are you ready for the camp? Propably not so much, and for this reason I’m writing to prepare you. There we will do a lot of fun activities like: water games, riding, climbing and much more that I will keep for surprise. As well as there will be rules. For example we will wake up at 9:00 o’clock in the morning and go to bed at 11:30 o’clock in the evening. Don’t forget the most important thing: we don’t go out without escort from the camp.

    That’s all for now

    See you soon

    Love Marianna

    Ελένη Αγωγιάτου Στ1

    Hi Susan,

    Are you excited? I’m very happy because we are going to go together to the summer camp. We can go to Alexandra Camp. It’s a very beautiful camp because it’s in a lovely place near Kavala and there are a lot of activities to do. If you like swimming the sea is near the camp and there is a very very big swimming pool with three tall spring boards. Sports like football, volleyball, basketball and table tennis will be a very good way to spend our afternoon. If you like something more interesting we can do extreme sports, like flying fox, paint ball, archery etc. I know that you have won a medal in horse riding and this activity is available for you. In the summer camp the kids are separated in teams. Every team has a different name. Every day there is a challenge and the team that wins collects points. At the last day of the camp the team that has the most points wins.

    The things that you must take with you in the summer camp are some sheets, your pillow and some pillow cases, bath and sea towels, a sunscreen, a mosquito repellent, a shampoo and shower gel and a flash light. You can bring some board games, cards and books. I advise you not to bring electronic devises like tablet or phone with you.

    Bye for now


    Μαρία Θεοδοσίου Στ2

    Ηello Susan

    I was very happy that you will come with me to the camp of the year ,but i have to give you some advise . You have to get a lot of clothes a pillow,3 sheets,a blanket,bath towels,hair shampoo,body shampoo,sunscreen,hairs bands, toothpaste,toothbrush,three beach towels,poddle 4 swimsuits,shoes, fip flops.There are also very nice volleyball,foutball,basketball,moyntaincering,trampoline,track.


    Ουρανία Κυφωνίδη Στ4



    Hi Susan!!! How are you? I’m fine and I’m going to inform you about our camping.


    Pitsas Camp is a really famous camp here. It’s famous about the clear houses, the delicious food, the modern equipment and the sports that we’re going to play. They’ve also got a sport like bungee jumping! That is super, isn’t it? It is in the southern part of the island. It’s near to sea and in a small mountain so we can go both swimming and trekking.


    I felt relieved when I heard that the camp counselors are too friendly and they care about us. I hope that they speak English too!!!!


    Finally I’ll tell you the things we must have:

    We must have some clothes, our pillow, our sheet and a condenser.

    Also, if we want we can get some books and money.




    Bye for now!!!


“My mother by Karidis Nikolas”

My name is Nikolas.
My mothers name is Eugenia.
She is kind.
Her hair is brown and her eyes are also brown.
My mother likes flowers.
She doesn’t like when we don t clean our room.
My mum is very good at learning languages.
She isn t very good at drawing .
She looks pretty when she wears her favourite clothes.
She looks funny when she trying to make us laugh.
My mum is getting angry when am not doing my homework.
She helps me when I don’t understand something.
My favourite thing to do with her is to go shopping because she buys me things I want.

”My mother” by Peter Fyllaridis

My name is Peter and my mother's name is Anna.She is of medium height and she has a moderate weight.She is beautiful with blonde hair and brown hair.My mom likes to help others and that's  why she studied medicine.She doesn't like some housework like ironing but she loves cleanliness.My mom is very good at cooking.She is cute when she laughs.She looks funny when she sings.My mum gets angry when i lie to her.I talk to her about my problems and she always helps me.She hugs me every day and my favourite thing to do with her is bike rides.




Most beautiful person in the world!

Oh! You make me so happy!

Terrific in every way!

How much i love you?

Every day i have a good time with you!

Radiant as the sun!!!

Lefteris Diakakis

My name is Lefteris.

My mothers name is Marina.

She is the best mom in the world.

Her hair is blonde and her ayes is green.

My mother likes  reading books.

She doesnt likes to  iron.

My mum is very good at cooking.

She isnt  very good at painting.

She looks pretty when she dances she generous,kind and friendly.

She looks fuhny when  she sings.

I like to spend  my time with her.