Week 3 – Meeting the Newcomers: Ukraine and Chernobyl

Hi there, beautiful people of ΄Στ2!


This week in our classes we talked about two new students at the International School: Sasha from Ukraine and Christina from Albania.


In her report in the school newspaper Sasha writes about Ukraine and talks about a serious accident

Here is the video we started watching in class about Chernobyl, the city in Ukraine where the nuclear accident happened in 1986.


We also talked about another video where you can watch the frequency (Ha! Do you see what I did there? Does this remind you of the Adverbs of Frequency???) of nuclear explosions from 1945 to 1998, a period of approximately 50 years.

In the bars at the top and bottom of the video you can see the flag of the country that does the nuclear tests. It's slow at the beginning, but notice what happens after 1960. It's a little scary, isn't it?



See you in class, everyone!

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