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Day of Europe

Σε αυτό το άρθρο διαβάζουμε τις περιγραφές Ευρωπαϊκών χωρών από τους μαθητές της Ε τάξης.

Σοφία Αθανασάκογλου Ε1


Iceland is in northern Europe.

It borders is Greeland , Scotland , Ireland , Norway .

Its population are 364.134 thousands .

Has a lots of islands , forests , rivers , lakes and mountains .

Its capital city is Reykjavik .

Other important cities are Reykjavik, Copavogur, Keflavik, Akureyri, Gardaber, Mosfelsber, Selfos, Arms .

One of the most popular landmarks in Iceland is Blue lagoon .

It is amazing geothermal spa that attracts millions of tourists .

I would like to visit this country because a lots of sights .

I like the most about this country is Strokkur. This is a hot spring, thermal spring and volcano .

Βαλασή Κωνσταντινίδη Ε2

Your name: Valasi                                  

Bulgaria is a country in southereastern Europe.

It borders Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Greece and Turkey

Its population is 7.000.000

It has a lot of forests and mountains

Its capital city is Sofia.

Bulgaria is Europe`s sixteenth-largest country,its beautiful and have

A lot of places to visit. I want to visit Sofia

Γεωργία Τιάκα Ε1

Greece is a country in southern Europe.

It borders is Albania,Bulgaria,Turkey&P.G.D.M.

Its population is 11.000.000

It has a lot of forests,mountains,rivers,islands and lakes.

Its capital city is Athens

Other important cities are Thesaloniki,Alexandroupoli,Ioanina,Patra&Kabala.

Although Athens has a number of landmarks, The Acropolis is the most famous seeing a number of people visit the ruins to stroll through what used to be an architectural marvel in the four hundred’s.

The Acropolis is not only listed as a Unesco world heritage site but also features as one of the famous European landmarks that is worth the trip from anywhere around the world.

I would like to visit Greece because is a very beautiful country.

What I like the most about this country is the islands.

Στεφανία Δημητριάδου Ε2

Austria is a European country. Its capital is Vienna, the language spoken by the inhabitants is German and its population is 8,902,600 inhabitants. Their currency is the euro. Austria borders Liechtenstein and Switzerland. One landmark I like is Belvedere. Belvedere is a building complex in Vienna which consists of 2 baroque mansions, the Upper Belvedere and the lower Belvedere. It was built in 1712-23 as the summer mansion of Prince Eugene of Savoy.

Νάσια Γιαννακοπούλου Ε1

Your name: Nasia                                   


England is a country in northern Europe.

It borders at Scotland, Wales, rains northwest of the Irish Sea.

Its population 55,977,178

It has a lot of forests/mountains/rivers/islands/lakes everywhere.

Its capital city is London

Other important cities are Birmingham, Leeds, Newcastle, Liverpool.


Τhree of the most popular landmarks in England is  Big Ben the Houses of Parliament and Stonehenge...

It is… . What is it?

There are a lot of tourists.


I would like to visit England because it has very pretty places to visit and it is a lot of fun….

What I like the most about this country are the red buses which are two roofs and on the top there are a lot of seats and the cafes

Ηλίας Κολχούρης Ε1

Your name:ILIAS                                   


France is a country in western Europe.

It borders Germany Luxemburg Spain Belgium Italy Monaco and Andorra

Its population 62.793.432

It has a lot of mountains

Its capital city is Paris

Other important cities are Lyon Marsaile


One of the most popular landmarks in France is the Eifel tower

It is a lot of  famous tower that it was created by Eifel

Lots of tourists visit the Louvros museum

That it has got Nici of Samothraki in it



I would like to visit France  because it is a beautiful country (but not this year because of coronavirus)

What I like the most about this country is Disneyland

Χρύσα Κεπεσίδη Ε2

The european country I decided to write is Greece. Greece is a country in south of Europe. It bordeds with Tyrkey, Bulgaria, Albania and Skopia. The population of Greece is about ten million people, it alot of forests mountains and lakes. But a big part of the county is covered by sea.

The most famous sighseing of Greece is the Parthenon it has been built from the architects Iktinio and Kallikrati at the fifth century, and dedicated to god Athena protector of the city.

Parthenon is greeks pride.

I would like to visit it soon.

Ευαγγελίνα Ντάφου Ε2

Day of Europe

Your name: Evaggelina Dafou E2

Part 1:

Italy is a country in southern Europe.

Its borders are Slovenia, Austria, Switcherland, France.

Its population are 60.317.000 millions.

It has o lot of rivers, lakes, islands.

Its capital is Rome .

Other important cities are Milan, Bologna, Florence, Naples, Turin, Genoa.

Part 2:

One of the most popular landmarks in Italy is Colosseum.

It is huge and impressive.

Lots of tourists can easily visit it.

The Colosseum is the biggest amphitheatre built by the Roman Empire.It is originally known as the Flavian Amphitheatre. The construction started around 70-75 AD and finished at 80 AD. Emberor Vespasian started to build it and emberor Titus comlited it.It was used for gladitorial contests and other shows,like animal hunts,in which animals would hunt and eat prisoners or in which gladiators would fight against animals.The people of Rome could go into the Colosseum without any costs.It was free. Nowadays it is in ruins because of earthquakes.It is one of Rome s most popular tourist attractions.

Part 3:

I would like to visit Italy because it’s a very interesting country. What i like the most about this country is to visit and learn about ancient Romsn history ,hamous monuments, buildings and castles.

Δήμητρα Μανουσάκη Ε1

England is a country that is part of the United Kingdom. It shares land borders with Wales to the west and Scotland to the north. The Irish Sea is to the west of England and the Celtic Sea to the southwest. England is separated from mainland Europe by the North Sea to the east and the English Channel to the south. The country covers five-eighths of the island of Great Britain, located in the North Atlantic, and includes more than 100 smaller islands, such as the Scilly Islands and the Isle of Wight. It is the largest country on the British Isles.

The territory of England is mainly low hills and plains, especially in central and southern England. However, there is mountainous and mountainous area in the north (for example, in the Lake Lake and Pennines area) and in the west (for example, Dartmoor and Shropshire Hills). The capital is London, which has the largest metropolitan area in both the United Kingdom and before Brexit, the European Union. [nb 1] The population of England over 55 million is 84% ​​of the population of the United Kingdom.

Its capital city is London and other important
cities are Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Sheffield, Nottingham.

One of the most popular landmarks in England
is Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Widsor Castle, White Dover Rocks.

I would like to visit England because is one of the most important country  in Europe but I like the most London ,the capital city of England.

Μαρίνα Παππά Ε1

Your name: Marina                                     


England is a country in northern Europe.

It borders the north by Scotland and on the west by Wales.


Its population 55.98 million

It has a lot of forests/mountains/rivers/islands/lakes everywhere

Its capital city is London

Other important cities are Manchester, Birmingham, Bath, Liverpool


One of the most popular landmarks in is Big Ben

It is so beautiful

There are a lot of tourists


I would like to visit because I want to see Big Ben up close

What I like the most about this country is that it has many parks with many trees

Γιώργος Μαυρομουστάκης Ε1


France is a country in western Europe.

It borders with Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium and Spain.

Its population is 67 million.

It has a lot of forests, mountains, rivers and lakes. France also has an island.

Its capital city is Paris.

Other important cities are Marseille, Lyon and Toulouse.


One of the most popular landmarks in Paris is the Eiffel tower.

It is made of steel and is 300 meters high.

Lots of tourists visit Paris not only for the Eiffel tower but also to visit the Louvre, the Notre Dame, and the Disneyland.

France is also known for the beautiful wine yards and the famous cheese.


I would like to visit Paris because i want to go to Eiffel tower.

What I like the most about this country is Disneyland.

Μαριάνθη Παπαγιαννάκη Ε2



is a country in northwest Europe.

It borders France, Poland …

Its population 80 m .

It has a lot of plains, parks, forests.

Its capital city is Berlin.

Other important cities are  Frankfurter , Munich , Cologne.


One of the most popular landmarks in Brandenburg Gate is the most heavily guarded place in the world.

It is …

Lots of tourists are visited   museums ,

walk to the markets

and  do bungee jumping


I would like to visit Germany because I love this country

What I like the most about this country is her love for enviroment.


Ilias Iliadis – e mail


Kids go camping! – An e-mail to my friend

Οι μαθητές της Ε τάξης γράφουν e-mail σε Αγγλόφωνους φίλους τους με τους οποίους θα πάνε μαζί στην κατασκήνωση και τους παρέχουν σχετικές πληροφορίες.

Χρύσα Κεπεσίδη Ε2

Hello Ryan

Some things that you need to have with you at the camp is plastic bag with a sleeping bag and a pillow.Suitcase with your personal properties,nesser with toothbrush and others,marine bag with swimsuit,towel and others and you can have if you want balls or books.

Love yours!


Ανδριάννα Γκάτζιου Ε1

  • Ηi Amy!

    In a while, in a little while we will go camping I have to tell you some things to know.

    1. You need to get a bag or a suitcase that has a hat inside, your clothes, sunscreen, sunglasses, swimsuit and throw.

    2. The camp also offers some sports that you choose, now I will tell you to choose it has volleyball, basketball, football and tennis.

  • 3. We must not make a fuss.

  • I had to tell you this if you didn't understand, call me again

    Στεφανία Δημητριάδου Ε2

    Hi Susan,

    This summer we go to the camping!!

    We are can do 30 different sports. We can also participate in an organized daily entertaiment progrum with activities.

    There are 3 outdoor pools, 4  basketball courts, 4 courts foodball, 4 courts volley, 2 courts  handball,  2  courts  batmiton  and   2   courts  tennis.

    With love your friend Stephania!!!

    Νάσια Γιαννακοπούλου Ε1

    Dear Friend,🍁🍂

    I heard that u will visit greece so i decided to go camping together!

    I’ve made a list on what u have to bring and the sports that we are 

    going to do….first on the list you will need to bring a rucksack with

    a tent, a sleeping bag, torches with some butteries, of course water

    and bunch of snacks! If u want u can bring a toy so when u get bored

    u have something to play with even tho u don’t really have to cause

    every new day is very exciting and playful!

    We are going to play a lot of different games for example “hidden

    treasure” and much more….

    We will also play a lot of sports like sailing cycling and fishing!

    I almost forgot to tell u that every single night we will tell either

    spooky or funny stories by the campfire and also we will be

    roasting some marshmallows and making them into smores!!!

    It’s going to be a lot of fun, i promise u!!!🍁🍂

                                                                           🍄By: Nasia🍄

    Βαλασή Κωνσταντινίδη Ε2

    Hello Vicky!

    I wanted to tell you that the summer I will go to the camp <Kids and fun> and you can come too! It's only 5 Euro!Well the only thing you need to take is clothes because all the stuff is there .In the camp you can swim, do sports, read books, learn about natural , Make friends and more! Please come and have fun!


    Βίβιαν Σόφρα Ε2

Σοφία Αθανασάκογλου Ε1

Dear friend ,

This summer I will go to the camp and I have some things to know.

You will need a bag with blushes, sunscreen, sunglasses, a tower, a pillow, a toothbrush and a book or ball.

We play fun games like little apples and more… Also at night sometimes we sit around the fire and eat marshmallows telling funny stories . Some days we go to the sea, we all play together, we have fun playing or swimming.

But you shouldn ‘t have a cell phone and not make a noice.

Love Sophia !!!!

Ηλίας Κολχούρης Ε1

Αλίκη Μούτλια Ε2

Dear my friend ,

I hope that everything its ok . I am so excited that we will go camping together .

So I made a list about the things that we will need , in the camping . First we will

need a sleeping bag , swimming costume , extra clothes and a torch .

Also, we will need athletic clothes and shoes because in the camping we can do

a lot of activities and sports like tennis, volleyball, cycling and sailing.

Also, if you want you can bring marshmallow because every night

we will sit in the campfire and will tell funny stories.

We will have a lot of fun!!!!See you soon !!!!!


Love .

Alice ….

Μαρίνα Παππά Ε1

My dear friend Georgia

How are you? This Summer we will go together for camping! There are many things to do there. We will do a lot of fun games, swimming and we will explore beautiful places. We will also make new friends! We need to have some things with us. We must have comfortable clothes, a hat, sun cream and swimsuit. You also need a sleeping bag. We will have a great time!

I’m looking  forward to meet to you!

With love Marina.

Δήμητρα Μανουσάκη Ε1


Dear Susan,

I'm very happy that you will come with me to camp next summer. So I decided to write you some information about the camp. There you can play in the small playground, you can also play a lot of nice games that will be organized by the ladies of the camp. You can't go out at noon from 3:00 to 6:00 because everyone has to go to bed at that time. There is also a dining room, and because it doesn't have a telephone, there's a prepaid phone. In the camp you can take with you in addition to clothes and shoes but also a flashlight, a pen, a sunscreen, a toothbrush, a card for the prepaid phone and a bag for the sea. I can't wait for next summer.

Love Dimitra !



My mum by Ilias Iliadis

my mum

My mother

Με αφορμή τη Γιορτή της Μητέρας ακολουθούν οι περιγραφές της μητέρας των μαθητών της Ε τάξης.

Γιώργος Μαυρομουστάκης Ε1

MY MOTHER by George Mavromoustakis E1

Σοφία Αθανασάκογλου Ε1

My name is: Sophia

My mother 's name is: Vaso

She is medium height.

Her hair is blonde and her eyes is brown.

My mother likes walking out with us.

My mother doesn 't likes the glitter.

My mother is very good at art.

My mother isn 't very good at gymnastics.

She looks pretty when wearing leggings.

She looks funny when she wears a clown costume.

My mother gets angry when she messes up and we don 't fix it.

She always help me because loves me.

My favourite things to do with her is to playing board games.

Βαλασή Κωνσταντινίδη Ε2


My name is …Valasi

My mother’s name is….Helen

She …is the best I person I ever meet

Her hair is brown and her eyes are…brown

My mother likes…flowers, animals, cooking and music

She doesn’t like…when I don’t do my homework

My mum is very good at …cooking and helping with homework

She isn’t very good at…nothing stops her

She looks pretty when …we’re going together in fun places

She looks funny when …we’re playing together board games games

My mum gets angry when …don’t eat my food

She always helps me…in anything

My favourite thing to do with her is…cooking, shopping and playing


Ηλίας Κολχούρης Ε1

Νάσια Γιαννακοπούλου Ε1

Μαρίνα Παππά Ε1

My name is: Marina

My mother’s name is: Joanna

Her hair is: very long and her eyes are: green

My mother likes: to travel

She doesn’t like: to call her lies

My mum is very good at: cooking

She isn’t very good at: dancing

My mum gets angry when: because my brother and I are making a mess

She always helps me: in lessons

My favourite thing to do with her is: to play table games

Παναγιώτα Μουρουζίδου Ε1

My name is Panagiota Mourouzidou

My mother’s name is Sousana

She loves me

Her hair is black and her eyes are grey

My mother likes barbeque

She doesn’t like winter

My mum is very good at everything

She isn’t very good at sports

She looks pretty when she is smiling

She looks funny when she is lying

My mum gets angry when I broke something

She always helps me at homework

My favourite thing to do with her is painting

I love you mum!

Ευαγγελίνα Ντάφου Ε2

By Evaggelina Dafou

My name is Evaggelina.

My mother’s name is Vicky.

She is tall.

Her hair is curly and blonde

and her eyes are green.

My mother likes cooking.

She doesn’t like untidy rooms.

My mum is very good at her job.

She looks pretty when gets dressed nicely.!!

My mum gets ungrywhen gives instructions and my brother and I don’t follow them.

She always helps me in my lessons.

My favourite thing to do with her is cooking.

Βίβιαν Σόφρα Ε2

Γεωργία Τιάκα Ε1

My name is Georgia.

My mother’s name is Chrisa.

She is beautiful.

Her hair is brown and her eyes are brown.

She looks pretty when she smiles and funny when we play games.

My mum gets angry when I don’t listen to her.

My mother likes very much the sea and she doesn’t like mess.

She always helps me with everything.

My favourite thing to do with her is to play.

I love my mum!

Mother – Our acrostic poems

Σε αυτό το άρθρο οι μαθητές της Ε τάξης γίνονται μικροί ποιητές με έμπνευση τη μητέρα τους...

Γιώργος Μαυρομουστάκης Ε1

MOTHER POEM by George Mavromoustakis E1

Σοφία Αθανασάκογλου Ε1

Μ y present

Ο h I love my mum

Τ he best of all

Η er eyes shining like the sun

Ε xcellent cook

R omantic

Ηλίας Κολχούρης Ε1

Acrostic poem_Kolchouris Ilias_E1

Βαλασή Κωνσταντινίδη Ε2


M’ is the most lovely person

O’ is anything i have

T’ is the person i can trust

H’ she always make me happy

E’ endless tanks for your patience

R’ i really have the best mother!


Χρύσα Κεπεσίδη Ε2

M is for many kisses she gives

O iam her only love

T is for true love

H is for iam her only world

E is for every hugs is gives me

R is for remember iam her princess

Παναγιώτα Μουρουζίδου Ε1

M is for the moments we spent together

O is for the fresh orange juice she makes for me

T is for the teddy bears she bought me

H is for the thousand hugs she gave me

E is for the energy she gives me

R is for the rules she sets in the house

Ευαγγελίνα Ντάφου Ε2

Acrostic Poem:

M. Mum called Vicky

O On her free time she plays with me.

T Then she cooks

H Her hair is curly.

E Everyone loves her.

R Really good Mum!!

My mother by Nick Papadopoulos

My name is Nick Papadopoulos

My mother’s name is Helen

She is good and beautiful

Her hair is brown and her eyes are green

My mother likes travelling around the world

She doesn’t like be without me and my brothers

My mum is very good at making pancakes and cooking

She isn’t very good at cooking spaghetti

She always looks pretty

She looks funny when she sneezes.

My mum gets angry when I don’t stop play station

She always helps me when I can’t do something by my self

My favourite thing to do with her is playing board games

I love you mum!

Book review Maria

My name is Maria. I have a favorite book which called Harry Potter. It’s written by J.K.Rollings and there are 7 books in the Harry Potter series.

The story is about a boy called Harry Potter who lives in his uncle’s house. One day Harry receives letters from a magic school the Hogwarts. There he meets his friends Ron and Hermione and together they have several adventures.

I like this book so much because it’s full of magic and mystery and makes you want to read it again and again.

My book review by Ilias Iliadis

book review-Ilias Iliadis